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The Property Vault Podcast

Apr 30, 2019

In this podcast episode, Dan Hulbert and Amy Rowlinson share helpful tips on how to make networking work for you. They list the advantages of networking for your business and personal development, explain why networking is about building long-term relationships, give great advice on how to develop your elevator pitch, talk about the importance of having a plan before you go and discuss how to deal with those awkward moments in the conversation with handy tips of how to keep the conversation flowing. 

First impressions matter. Dan and Amy discuss why it is important to think about how you enter the room, how you move around and how your non-verbal communication is saying more than what you are actually saying. Have the confidence to show up to a network event, follow up and meet up! What opportunities are you missing out on?

Dan shares his P.I.T.C.H. Model which is a great structure to follow if you need to give an elevator pitch at a network meeting so you sound professional and get your message out there.

So, take action today! Listen to this podcast and then go find your local network! Dan and Amy host The Property Vault network event every 3rdMonday of the month in Gravesend, Kent.



Dan Hulbert is a property professional and strategic build partner to property investors with 17 years’ practitioner experience having started on the tools and then built his own portfolio. A builder’s knowledge combined with an investor’s mindset, Dan currently works with clients who seek professional advice within the areas of property and construction as a Build Consultant and Project Mentor.


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Amy Rowlinson has 14 years’ residential landlord experience and has built a portfolio of HMOs in the south. As well as continuing to build her property portfolio, Amy is a Coach and Mentor working with clients empowering them to discover the life they dream of by assisting them to make it their reality through their own action taking. 


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HOSTED BY: Dan Hulbert & Amy Rowlinson


The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in this podcast belong solely to the hosts and guest speakers. Please conduct your own due diligence before investing in property.